Upgrade my life – Focused Network in Partnership with Career Wise

A girl that invests in herself is unstoppable.


It is important to start the year with clarity on a vision and goals for your life. On Saturday, 1st February 2020, Focused girls got together under the theme ‘Upgrade my life’ and were empowered with daily practices to improve today with the aim to create a better future. We strongly believe that when you know better, you do better.

The Upgrade my Life programme is carried out through an interactive session that helps build self-confidence, communication assertiveness and leadership capabilities. When girls get together, magic happens. As we are a big advocate for education and have seen how it transforms lives, we invited Career Wise to this session to educate our girls on bursary and scholarship opportunities they offer to both high school and tertiary students.

Career Wise empowered the girls by taking them through the following:

  • Funding option models for tertiary education,
  • The difference between a bursary and a scholarship,
  • How to apply for a bursary/scholarship,
  • Tools to consider using when applying for university,
  • Tips on enjoying university beyond just academics,
  • Relatable success stories of other students who successfully upgraded their lives.

A big thank you to Tsogo Sun (Southern Sun Hotel Rosebank – previously Crowne Plaza) for their incredible hospitality and making the session possible. Together we achieve more.


We had a successful event as always and our girls have been equipped with tools to help upgrade their lives going forward.