Focused Network

Focused Network is an innovative non-profit organisation that empowers the youth through programmes relating to self-development, education, health and economic empowerment.


Focused Network offers a safe space for girls and young women as well as an opportunity to explore, learn, play and grow. Our programmes are designed to nurture, empower and offer the best development, preparing them for lifetime leadership.


We are passionate about cultivating and perpetuating interest in personal growth, education and entrepreneurship amongst community members to drive change and improve their socio-economic status.

We focus on empowering high-school pupils and individuals within early stages of their careers to set an enduring foundation that leads to future success.

Our Vision


A world where the youth understands their self-worth, is focused, progressive and has equal opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Our Mission


Empower the youth to reach their maximum potential whilst pursuing meaningful paths to their goals.


Drive change and expose the youth to opportunities that would help bring their dreams to reality.

  • Edify
  • Teach self-love
  • Raise Hope
  • Mentor
  • Inspire
  • Empower


“Focused Network is a group that connects you with your peers and teaches you how to adjust to life’s challenges. It helps you know your strengths and weaknesses, then it teaches strategies to deal with your weaknesses.”
Focused Girl
“I am part of the Focused Network. We are motivated, inspired and offered advice girls need. The Focused Network is a place where no topic is taboo, shy or sidelined. A place for escape and freedom of expression. For me it is the action or power of moving the intellect and emotions.”
Focused Girl
“Focused Network is a place where we express ourselves and realise our potential. We connect with other sisters by having fun through learning and discovering how our situations are not unique.”
Focused Girl
“Focused Network means connecting and being empowered as girls. Not forgetting the differences that make up the person you are. The Focused Network has helped me find myself and know my worth. The best part is sharing about myself to the rest of the group.”
Focused Girl

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